work notes

I made a change to the way payments are calculated, which should pay everyone a little bit more — more correctly. I'd like to test it.. let's see when the last payment cron job was executed.. looks like 15 minutes ago. Perfect. Plenty of time till the next one. Let's just try running it with "heroku run node pay_people.js".. ok, it seems to be paying people a little more. Of course, people also did more work since I last paid them, but I think it's more than that.. oh well, I'm pretty sure it's right, and I don't think it's going completely off the rails, so that's good at least..

I had a thought about updating the version without scaring people too much. First, I could update only when people try to grab a task, so I know they won't be in the state where they just submitted an answer (and may therefore be worried about whether that answer got submitted correctly).. and in the new version, for future updates, if I deal with the textbox-contents-disappearing-issue, then I can make it just refresh the page without alerting them..

so.. what to do.. I think I need to go through e-mail and todos.

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