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I ran a human script to create an android widget. I offered $20 on oDesk. Here is the result. I tried it on my phone, and it works. Here's a couple screenshots that I asked them to put in the repository:



  • they asked if they should use their github account or mine. I wonder if people sometimes give their github credentials to oDesk workers. If that is common, I should make it clear in my humanscript that I want them to use their own github account.
  • they asked what name they should give the project. I asked them to make up a name. I should make this clear in the humanscript too.
  • what they put in the hs.txt file is not what I wanted. I wanted the entire set of instructions, whereas it looks like they put a summary. I should make this clear too.

next step:

I posted a new humanscript on oDesk...

- fork https://github.com/dglittle/ImageChangeWidget
- copy-paste this job description to new file: humanscript/AA578/hs.txt
- widget is currently 2x2
    - make it 1x1
    - may require resizing the images
- create a new icon to represent a "working" state
    - I don't care what it looks like
    - maybe it can be an hourglass
- if icon has eyes open, and user clicks icon:
    - set icon to "working" icon
    - let x = a random number from 0 to 1
    - if x < 0.5
        - make http request to www.google.com
    - else
        - make http request to http://blahblahblah5678123.com
        - this domain should not exist
    - if the http request succeeds
        - change icon to eyes closed
    - else
        - change icon to eyes open
- if icon has eyes closed, and user clicks icon:
    - do the same thing as before,
        except if the request succeeds,
            change the icon to eyes open,
            change the icon to eyes closed
- take screenshot of widget running on phone in "eyes closed" state
- put screenshot in humanscript/AA578 directory
- make pull request to original repo
- send me message saying it is done

- in your cover-letter, please summarize what I want.


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