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I feel like I'm scrambling a bit, getting things done on various projects that people want before I leave for San Antonio, where I'll still be working, but empirically not much work gets done at conferences..

I'm about to leave for my flight.. pack.. what do I need..

- computer
- power cable
- cell phone charger
- extra key for rental car, since I'll be returning it
- pajamas
- clothes
- more clothes
- something else that I don't remember.. probably..


let's see, my flight leaves at 1:40pm, bords at 1:10pm, I need 30min to get through security, so 12:40pm, 10min to get from rental car to main terminal and get ticket, so 12:30pm, and 30min to get to rental car place, so 12:00pm leave here.. it's 10:50pm now, so I have 1 hour to kill..

game of thrones?


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