new project

so, there's more to do on the february-fire project.. more data.. possibly different tasks..

hm.. the data is in an xlsx file. I don't have Excel installed. I could get it again.. maybe I should.. but I could also get SkyDrive, and I think that will at least let me open an excel file.. let's try..

(more music: Blue October)

hm.. so many cloud shaped logos these days..

hm.. I successfully loaded it, but I can't scroll to the bottom very easily. I use two-fingered scrolling, but it's huge.. and when I try to move my mouse over to the little scroll thingy that pops up, it disappears right before I get to it, as if there's code in place to prevent me from grabbing it..

huh.. I fail. I can't get to the bottom of the spreadsheet. Well, I'm sure I could figure out a way, but I've decided it's not important enough..

ok, I've sent an e-mail asking questions.. I suppose that means I'm done for now on this..

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