what to do next

this feels like the ultimate question

though I'm not sure it's as simple as that, because there is the issue of planning. That is, if I just decide what to do next, and then do it, then I'll need to decide the next thing to do after that, and it may be more efficient to plan a string of things to do..

yet the act of creating the plan itself can be viewed as an item to do next. The next thing I will do is create a plan of things to do.

though I'm not sure it's as simple as that either, because thought that happens in the brain doesn't just make plans about what to do next — the thoughts themselves have effects on the brain, and the brain is running many processes, and lots of unconscious processes, and all of these things are effected in various ways by thinking.. and it's so complicated..

I feel like I want a less complicated mind..

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