Ed Chi called me a digital monk..

something to do with me minimizing my possessions,
and wanting to wire my brain to another human..



I want to do some things more,
so I have a place where I record how many times I've done them,
and when I do them again,
I add one to the count..

my brain is so easy to please

I drew this on a postcard a while back, and just scanned it (I've been scanning a lot of things lately in preparation for moving.. that is, scanning, and then throwing away, to possess less stuff)..

result of today's hacking — a board that let's you make legal chess moves*:

*it doesn't support queening a pawn

source code

another successful lucid dream :) — and this time I had not read something about lucid dreaming just prior to succeeding, though I believe I did focus on it a lot..

..and I wasn't able to repeat it right after, though I felt very close, but I was distracted by some noises..

one note:
when I lucid dream..
and I have a thought, like, I want X to happen..
and I have an idea in mind of what X is..
there's a delay..
and something inspired by X does happen,
but not exactly X.

I want to live in a place like Dagstuhl
great common spaces
meals are provided

this is my favoirte room,
on the top floor

I want to just have a conversation with someone in that space

based on my novel idea that ideas evolve, and can't really be attributed to anyone, I decided to have made a video series about it, as someone else:


update: going through old papers, I just scanned some notes about this:

brain teaser

going through some old papers, I found a picture which was the solution to a brain teaser I had forgotten about,

it goes like this,

can you hang a picture,
with the string over two nails,
such that removing either nail will cause the picture to fall?

how I managed to write a thesis

this is a todo list,
items like "10 thesis" mean "work on my thesis for 10 minutes",
items like "sc2" mean "play a game of StarCraft 2"