february-fire bug

I got the following bug report:

It shows: "grabbed for next -9 minutes" . Before, the clock will show the time since you took the question. Now, whenever I take a question, it will show -8 minutes.

I think I know what's going on.. I think when I display the "grabbed for next X minutes", I'm checking "availableToAnswerAt", whereas I should sometimes be checking "availableToReviewAt".. let's see if I'm right..

nope. I did that correctly.. hm.. I guess the bug must be more subtle..

It does make sense for them to see a negative number of minutes, if they've had the task for more than 60 minutes without grabbing it again..

but they claim that when they take new questions, it shows -8 minutes.. hm.. is it possible that their computer's clock is off?

I seems to work for me.. and it doesn't seem like the system could do this differently depending on the user..

I think I'll need to ask them if this is still happening, and to send me a screenshot..

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