first, I can't seem to sleep. I'm supposed to get up by 1 tomorrow. I had the same problem yesterday, and ended up getting very little sleep..

I think it's a combination of several projects going on that involve servers, and also I'm supposed to leave Friday for a conference, so I need to make sure everything is in order to be gone for a week..


my thought was that I wonder if mongoHQ was really crapping out at 10 requests per second.. I have this lingering fear that my dynos might be losing their connections with the database, and not recreating them. I fear this because there's a flag called auto_reconnect that defaults to false, and I'm not setting to true..

also, after I hammered the server with the Blitz add-on, I actually needed to reset the server before I could access the site (which I did by pushing a commit)..

so my thought is, maybe I've been doing it wrong. Maybe I'm suppose to set auto_reconnect to true, and somehow the Blitz thing is causes the connection to the database to get lost, and then it fails forever after that since it has no connection.

I'd like to test this.

I have the energy to test this.

But.. I'm suppose to sleep. But I can't sleep.. maybe I'll test this, and then go in early to work to talk to people about nar nar, and then leave early to sleep..

so, actually mongojs uses auto_reconnect by default, so that's good, but mongo-connect does not — which I'm using for sessions — so that's bad..

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