falling asleep

I had a meeting at 1pm, but I couldn't manage to fall asleep before then, until about an hour before, at which point I did fall asleep, sleeping through my 1pm meeting, and not waking up until 7:15pm, 15 minutes after a 7pm thing I was supposed to do as well..

despite this blunder, I think things are in good shape. nar nar launched today, and seems to be running smoothly.

I'll be leaving for a conference tomorrow, so I have a 1pm meeting with an airplane — hopefully I'll fair better with that..

I feel so close to having things together.. I need to start hiring people. The whole point of these projects.. well.. one of the hopes with these projects was to try using humanscripting on them, and hopefully the urgency will settle soon so I can start to add features to them using humanscripting.

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