work here

continuing work on nar-nar.. I added permission abilities. Let's upload that to heroku, and give some users permissions there..

ok, uploaded.. now, let's add the users.. first I'll need to manually set my own permissions.. oops, I set the users, but didn't include myself, bumping my own permissions down to nothing.. I'll just reset them manually, again..

ok, good.. now let's test that the new e-mail processor is working on heroku..

oh yes, need to tell heroku about the new gmail account..

ok, it ran successfully, and processes all 2 pending e-mails.. now let's setup a cron job to do it every hour this time (rather than every 10 minutes)..

done. what else..

ok, I've conceptualized a change that I want to make, but for some reason I am having difficulty bringing myself to make it. Perhaps I am tired.

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