thought of bug while trying to sleep..

in nar-nar, I'm using "insert" to add users, which is usually fine, because they won't exist at first, and the first time they are added, I grab useful information about them, like their name and such..

however, nar-nar has a thing for granting permissions, which creates users before they log in, so that it has a place to store their permissions, which means that when they do log in, it won't store the new information about them..

so I need to use upsert..

incidentally, it is a bit scary to me that I catch bugs like this in my mind, because it means that my mind is probably doing something useful as it's all nervous, which means that it's probably good to remain nervous.. which.. is sad.. because I don't like being nervous..

ok, this time I tested it before checking it in.. good.. now upload to heroku..

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