february-fire bug 2

there was another bug report. This person said that they just see a blank screen. I had them take a screenshot, even though the page was blank. I was thinking I'd see a mistake in the url bar — in particular, I was suspicious that they had used https, since another person had made that mistake.. but I'm really glad I had them take a screenshot because I saw something else: it said in the lower-left corner "waiting for ...", which is very strange..

since I can log in myself, I figured the error might have to do with new users trying to log in, so I deleted one of my test accounts and tried to log in with that, and sure enough, a blank screen, and a "waiting for...". It seems to be continually redirecting for login..


ok, I've reproduced the problem locally..


I had this:

db.collection('users').update({ _id : user._id }, { $set : _.omit(user, '_id') }, function () {
if (err) return done(err)
done(null, user)
}, { upsert: true })

I need this:

db.collection('users').update({ _id : user._id }, { $set : _.omit(user, '_id') }, { upsert: true }, function () {
if (err) return done(err)
done(null, user)

I obviously didn't test that upsert.. It always impresses me how often when I don't test something, it doesn't work. I mean, I generally test everything, because I figure I probably did it wrong, but sometimes things are hard to test, and I figure, it looks right.. it really looks right..

great, that works. Let's upload this fix..

ok, done. Let's see if the person can login now.

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