nar nar getting ready to launch

nar nar is scheduled to launch today, provided that I make a few changes to it — I want to see people use it, so I'm going to make those changes now..

let's see, let's get my development environment setup for nar nar. I wonder if Sublime Text 2 has some notion of a development environment.. I remember some sort of side panel..

ahh sweet, the folder's view is pretty nice..

..I need some music..

(man, I didn't sleep all that long, but I feel pretty rested :)

..music.. Tegan and Sara! their new album is so great..

Sublime Text 2, I give you a +1 for being so awesome.

ok, ready.. what are the tasks I need to do..

- rework the interface to have checkboxes next to different fields that people can click saying "this field is bad", and change "reject" to "notify this person that stuff is bad, and they need to change it", and after some time, have a button saying "suspend account".

- make two checkboxes at the top for viewing both kinds of tasks ("notifications" and "suspensions")

first, let's write the function that displays the data the way I want..

ok, great. I'm happy with how it looks and works now.. let's wire-up the business logic..

(music.. the magnetic fields.. the first of their albums that I fell in love with..)

ok, hm.. I think the new version is all working now.. let's upload it to heroku.. ok, seems to be running fine..

now let's update the script that gets data from the spreadsheet in anticipation of a change.. a field called "portraiturl" might change to "portraiturl_100" or some such.. I'd like to find a field that begins with "portrait...", though, I'd also like the app to alert me if the spreadsheet changes in a way I don't expect.. I wonder what a good way for the app to alert me is.. I would have though that printing something to the console, and then having the Logging add-on alert me would do, but that add-on doesn't seem to be seeing my console output.. there must be a better logging tool..

well, it's uploaded.. seems to be running.. I'm going to bed. Well see if we end up getting actual use of this tool tomorrow :)

hm.. I didn't actually do the "portraiturl_100" change I was wanting to do.. I decided it would be too risky — I would mess it up, and it's hard to test — but maybe not so hard to test. I can just mark one of the spreadsheets and unread.. let's try..

first some music.. Garbage.. I recall liking their most recent album..

ok, what am I doing.. right, want to search for a key beginning with "portrait..."..

hm.. for testing.. I need to make my JavaScriptEval use the new u.js..

hm.. usually glittle.org updates right away when I check stuff in, but it hasn't updated yet.. (JavaScriptEval should probably be a separate repo any..)

oh, I checked into "master". I didn't think there was a master.. I don't think there is.. my local repo must be out of date.. ok, deleted it and cloned it again.. now it works. good.

ok, what was I going to do with JavaScriptEval? oh right, test some code..

ok, the core bit of code I changed seems to work in a vacuum, now let's test the whole script..

..let's check on when the script is going to be executed by the cron job.. I have 10 minutes I think..

great, it didn't break anything, that I can tell.. now bed.

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