programming problems

1. I like contracting projects using public github repositories. However, sometimes the project needs private information, like a username and password. It makes sense to put this information in a config file, but should that config file be checked into the repository? My fear in doing so is that someone will accidentally check in their private information. However, the only alternative I've come up with is putting the config file in .gitignore, and checking in a config_template file, but I feel like this template file gets out of date.

2. I'm interested in using Google Apps Script to add data to a spreadsheet. I could add the data using the Google Spreadsheets API, but that would require authorization, which is annoying, and risky, since the easiest way is to hardcode my google password in some config file, which might get exposed. Anyway, the issue with Google Apps Script is that I don't know how to integrate it with github. It seems like I would need to copy-paste my script back and forth. Now, I realize Google Apps Script allows collaborators, but I want to use the pull-request model, where I never need to grant commit access to my code.

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