work notes

ok, the interface now shows a name, username and image, and has an "accept" and "reject" button. Pressing accept or reject replaces those buttons with an undo button, in case the clicked the wrong thing..

now when they're done with a batch, make it so they can click "grab new batch" to get more.. done..

now, when they click "reject", we want to send them to an external link to do some stuff.. done..

ok.. I think it's time to put this on heroku. Let's upload it, and see where it's at... I suspect it will run, but there won't be anything in the database..

hm.. I'm getting a strange error: "Error: Cannot find module './_utils'". I searched for references to _utils, and there are four, all on oauth stuff..

AHA! I added "_*" to .gitignore. Did I have that in february-fire? yes.. hm.. I wonder if I had already checked in those files before adding "_*". I guess I can look in the git history.. I think so..

ok, so, I definitely want to ignore some stuff with _, but not the things inside of node_modules I guess.. how do I do that? Hm.. I guess "/_*" for now, since all my stuff with underscores is in the root directory..

(I guess that answers my question about whether I can modify stuff inside node_modules, and expect heroku to use my modified version, rather than refetching and overriding it using npm install)

good! it's running.. but there are no tasks, as expected.

I want to populate the database using the email.js script, which I'm hoping to run on a worker dyno every so often, as in a cron job.. let's see how to do that..

first step: heroku run node email.js

success. It ran on a dyno. So now I just need to schedule it.. done, using heroku's scheduler addon.

now maybe it would make more sense to call email.js --> cron.js,

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