I feel like mental states and phenomena are hard to be sure about — they seem to shift and seem highly convoluted with other mental stuff and also with expectations set by what I hear from other people. I was just thinking about a couple things I think I'm wrong about:

First, I mentioned "jhana" states before, here here and here, and I said I thought I had been to 13 of them.. upon further reflection, and talking with my meditation teacher friend, I'm not so sure.. I'm pretty sure I've entered 4 of them. The first 4 have pretty clear eye movement characteristics, and seem fairly "mechanical" in that sense. The ones after that seem more subjective. I think I got my brain into various states, but I'm not sure if they were "jhanas".

Second, I mentioned here a mental transition I thought was "falling asleep". I'm less sure it is that, and a better characterization of it, I think (there might be two different phenomena at play) is feeling a sense of confusion and also bodily discomfort, e.g., my body wants to change position. I've heard about this "body wanting to change position" when reading about lucid dreaming associated with nearing sleep paralysis, but I'm not sure.. I feel like I've entered lucid dreams without ever feeling like my body needed to change position, but on the other hand, I may have just fallen asleep those times and realized shortly thereafter that I was in a dream, and thought I had succeeded in staying conscious through the transition when in fact I had not..

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