meditation end game 2

I said I thought meditation ended with the discovery of an empty box. I think that was wrong.

I think the mind is like a computer, and if you want to do normal things, it's pretty easy, just click the right icon — you don't really need to know how it works. But if you want to do more complicated things, like programming, then you need a deeper understanding of how the computer works.

I think meditation is just a name for the study of one's own mind in order to gain that deeper understanding.

Unlike a computer, however, the mind can be difficult to explore, like an island. It may have high mountains with sheer rocks that are difficult to climb, and some parts may be on the other side of rapid rivers that are difficult to cross. Hence, exploration of the mind requires some skills and tools like rock climbing and rope bridges.

Meditation is also, confusingly, a name for these various skills and tools useful for exploring the mind.

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