So many of my ideas are of the form: it would be cool if lots of people did in X, but essentially worthless if only a few people did X. So there's this bootstrapping problem of getting lots of people to do X simultaneously that I've never overcome.

Color golf is nice because I think it's cool even if I'm the only person who uses it, and that's a pretty good indicator of other people liking it. So far 99 people have played it. About 25 or 30 from this blog, and the rest after I posted it on facebook.

So maybe I should focus on those sorts of ideas.. I looked through a list of ideas I had, and pretty much all were of the "needs lots of people" variety. Here are a few ideas rattling around that don't need lots of people:
  • make PIMA usable.. I still use it myself, even after trying Evernote, where the main win over Evernote is that there is a feed, like e-mail, but I can push items into the future, like Boomerang for GMail. The main win over e-mail is that I can edit the items, like Evernote.
  • make the sketch camera work, where the difficulty is getting good detail from a crappy webcam, perhaps by combining multiple frames using super resolution.. though I find it's not too bad to take a photo with my phone and let Dropbox automatically send it to my computer.. still, it would be easier if I could just hold it up to my webcam, and I think I would draw more sketches..
  • make the music offshoots of color golf for identifying note sequences and notes in a chord — I definitely want to try this myself, though I'm less sure of other people caring about this..
  • there is an odd juggling thing I can do, involving four tennis balls.. I could upload a video of this.. I think people might like it, though that's about where it would end.. though some people might learn to do it, which would be cool..
..I need to think of more..

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