ugg.. what is this ".mobileprovision" file I seem to need? ok, it's something or other.. another silly hurdle to jump through..

ok, I pressed "Build for App Store".. AppGyver is thinking about it, and will e-mail me.. I think I may take a walk..

..oh, I thought it was 5pm, but it's 2pm (my Mac didn't update, even though it's set to.. when I opened the time settings it updated, so it was capable of knowing where I was, and it was instructed to check automatically and update my time, but I wonder how often it does the check..)

AppGyver says "your build for application color-golf-app is ready.", so sweet.. downloading.. 14MB.. downloading.. either they're slow, or I'm slow.. probably me.. hm.. speedtest says 1.7mb download.. anyway, it's done.. let's upload that sucker to apple.. where do I do that?

good lord, developer.apple.com has lots of stuff to read, but where is the link to actually do stuff, like upload my app? I feel like this is documentation for some other place I should be..

ahh! the secret place is "iTunes connect"..

hm.. ok, now I need screenshots, but I don't have an iPhone, but I can run the simulator, but it doesn't seem to be running the retina version.. how do I get that to work again? hm.. it could possibly be that I have an older version of xcode, let's try upgrading to 5.. done.. let's try again (hope, hope).. yay!

so many hurdles.. I've decided to app will cost money. That's the only reason to jump through hoops. The idea is: people can play it for free using the webpage, and if they want to support development (me) they can buy the app, and we'll see if anyone does.. I'm kindof guessing they won't.. maybe it should be free first, and see if people download it.. whatever, that would require changing some setting, we'll just see what happens..

uploading.. uploading.. and even after it uploads, I've heard I'll need to wait for them to approve this thing..

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