color golf app

tl;dr: here's the android app.. iPhone still requires jumping through hoops..

After adding google analytics to color golf, I noticed after 2 days that the first derivative was positive. And it continued to be positive the third day. And I said to myself, if it is positive the fourth day (today), I'll make an app.. and it was.. so I plan to right now..

how aggravating.. I was writing my progress here, but ran into problems, and I was writing about my problems here, and then Chrome crashed, and I lost all my venting comments about my problems!..

to summarize, I'm using AppGyver to build this app..

Ahh!! I hate computers!! It wasn't resizing the window correctly, and I remembered something about iPhone's and "innerHeight", so I tried outputting the innerHeight value, just so I could see what it is, and now it does resize correctly..

Ok, I guess the issue is that it shows the wrong height the first time it runs, but if I update it "in flight", it resizes correctly.. so I do need to use innerHeight..

pant pant.. I hate this kind of programming. I'm solving lots of uninteresting intermittent problems, different on different devices and platforms..

Ok, it's seems to be running fine on the iPhone simulator, though I can't seem to run the retina simulator (which was the default before I upgraded AppGyver.. grr..).. let's try running it on Android..

hm.. it's too tall.. the iPhone showed the phone's status bar, but Android doesn't.. I think that's a setting.. maybe it is a setting, but I can't find it.. whatever, I'll just make my thing shorter leaving extra space..

ok, now that it looks ok on Android, it probably doesn't anymore on iPhone, so let's test again.. seems fine..

hm.. now how do I actually upload this sucker to the app store? And what do I do about an icon?

I have to pay $25 to be allowed to upload apps to Google Play store? wtf?

Hm.. icon, icon.. need more music.. Passenger.. mm.. yes..

ok, I have an icon, such as it is:

..may as well add this as a favicon to color golf.. ok..

hm.. apparently I need to save this file in 4 different resolutions.. and I also need a splash screen, which also needs to be saved in 4 different resolutions..

time for more music.. One Direction.. oh yeah.. maybe it's the way she walked!..

beautiful.. ok.. now to export to lots of resolutions: 720x1280, 480x800, 320x480, 200x320, and now the icons: 96x96, 72x72, 48x48, 36x36 (not 32x32?)..

and now it wants an "Android keystore file".. what is that? thanks internet.. done.. (let's put this keystore file some place I'll remember.. how about "Dropbox/keystores/".. how could I forget that? and it needs a password.. really? isn't the file itself a giant password? how about we put the password in a README.txt file in the same directory as the keystore file.. perfect, so secure :)..

ok, apparently the build has been put in a queue.. it's says it will e-mail me when it's done..

good god, it failed: "Application package identifier must have a minimum of 2 segments. For example 'com.google.messenger'".. sigh.. how about 'org.glittle.colorgolf'..

how long does this take?.. done.. that was maybe 5 minutes?.. now let's upload it to google..

(trying to find the right tab.. I see a tab here for how to spell "sigh".. sigh..)

hm.. I don't see the tab.. did I close it? ok, found it..

uploading the file took a little while, how big is this thing? 7.4 MB!!? huh.. whatever..

ok, now I need screenshots (sooo much mindless tedious work!! this sucks.. I need to hire someone the next time I do this..).. anyway, lamenting aside, I think the screenshots should show the game "in progress".. should I play it, or make a version with default stuff? I guess I'll just play it, not sure how much difference it will make..

hm.. how, again, do I take a screenshot on an android phone? It's something weird.. right, hold down the down-volume and power-button simultaneously..

good, now I've got a couple screenshots, hopefully dropbox has uploaded them to my computer by now.. weird, my phone has the android back-home-menu buttons on the screen itself, rather than as actual buttons, and they show up in the screenshot.. should I remove them? how about, nope..

huh, it won't let me rate my app as "everyone".. why pray tell? I guess this is a "low maturity" app..

ok, it says it's published in Google Play, but may take several hours to show up.. now for Apple.. how hard could it be on Apple?

Fucking hell, Apple wants $99 a Year!!? My app is fucking free! sigh.. huff.. pay more money to Apple..

ok, Apple is "processing" my order.. I get the feeling I'm not going to be publishing in the Apple app store within a single day..

aww.. there's someone in Sydney playing color golf right now.. ok, failure to public iPhone app today, but bed time.

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