♛: it's this deep sense of frustration.. just saying that I'm frustrated doesn't seem to remove it.. it is so deep I don't know how to fully express it..

♔: well, perhaps we can decompose it.. do you feel averse to the feeling?

♛: hm.. I'm not averse to the feeling itself, per se.. it's more that I feel averse to the situation that the feeling represents, which is something like: I've eaten all the fruit in the garden of eden, but I don't know how to get to another garden.. I may go my entire life and not make substantially more progress than I've already made.. I feel averse to the universe being shaped that way..

♔: so, you have an embedded assumption there, that you know how the universe is shaped..

♛: well, no, I'm not sure it's shaped that way, but it really seems like it probably is, and I'm not happy with the magnitude of the probability..

♔: ah, this seems like a "no fly zone" for your thoughts — which is generally bad — so let's entertain that thought: you won't make significantly more progress over the rest of your life..

♛: huh.. I guess I could handle that..

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