hm.. I'd like to post color-golf on facebook and see if people like it.. but I feel like I need to fix some things first:

  • make it prettier.. it is a bit ugly
  • make it more clear what the goal is, and what the controls are.. maybe change "ball" to "your color" and "flag" to "goal color", and maybe before any shades are selected the "swing" button could say "select shades of red, green and blue to match the goal color"
  • make it show the answer after 6 strokes, like mini-golf.. it's kindof annoying to keep fiddling with it for 11 strokes, which I've done
  • maybe add a "share" link somewhere, to have some chance of virality 
  • maybe make it 7 shades instead of 8, because sometimes, especially when the darkest shade of blue is missing, it's hard to even see that the colors are different

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