lucid dream

It's still super exciting for me when I have a lucid dream because I try sooo hard and still fail sooo much — like all the time. My last success was a month ago.

Some notes:

  • I did not count this time. Instead, I did a sort of meditation I've been doing which involves sortof just being aware of what's going on in my head without judging it. Of course, I've done this meditation before without entering a lucid dream.. I think the difference may be the timing — it was early morning, and my body was still expecting to get some more REM cycles in. I sortof hope that's not the reason, because I would like to be able to have lucid dreams whenever..
  • Prior to the dream, I did notice a sort of mental transition which I'm pretty sure is "falling asleep", which is characterized by.. I'm not sure.. thinking less clearly perhaps, and not having a sense of time so much.. My mental faculties picked up a bit after I was in the dream..
  • I made more of an effort to be non-judgmental this time about the mental imagery floating through my head as I was drifting into sleep. Usually I think I worry about it not being as good as I hoped for. I think I interact with it a little, to the extent to which it seems like it would be more effort not to.. where I suppose the interaction itself is part of the hypnogogic hallucination.. I'm not sure on this point..
  • I'm pretty sure the dream started with a sortof hypnogogic mini dream where I was being held by a woman (yeah yeah), but I noticed that I really felt like I was being held, which seemed like a good sign that my mind had left reality behind and that I was at a point where I could walk around.. so in a sense, I guess this was a "reality check" waking me up from a dream, but I'm pretty sure I never lost consciousness, and there were lots of mini dream sequences prior to this one, they just weren't as real..
  • This was perhaps the longest lucid dream I've had.
  • I worried at a couple points of bad scary things happening, but they didn't — that is, my mind was able to have some concern about something, without that concern manifesting itself, which suggests that lucid dreams do have some capacity for thought. Though I do recall at one point seeing a mirror and wanting to step into the mirror, but I decided not to because I thought things might get too weird if I did..
Notes from the dream itself:
  • I saw a woman who walked behind a piano, and I sat down at the piano. She was an instructor I guess because as I played, she was commenting on whether I was doing well. The piano had wooden brown keys, and no black keys, which is fine for me, because I don't use black keys. I played a melody, and I heard it, which surprised me a bit, because I don't often hear sound in dreams, and although I've written previously about hearing sounds, I referred to people talking, and I'm not entirely sure that I do hear people talk per se, as opposed to just know what they're saying. The notes worked, in the sense of being in a key, though I don't have perfect pitch, so I'm guessing the pitch of the first note I played was random.
  • I walked around and explored the building I was in, which changed as I explored it. I wanted to walk out into an expanse of landscape, and I kept this thought in mind as I walked down a passage, but it emerged into an even longer underground hallway, but I walked down that still hoping for a landscape, and when I went around the next bend, there was another long underground passage. I turned into one of the doors off to the side, and there was a window, and directly outside there was a view of a wall, but above the wall I could see the landscape I was hoping for. I tried to climb out the window by willing it open, and it did open, but I couldn't think of a way to get over the wall before the window closed again forcing me back inside. But I went through another door and there were a series of large floor to ceiling windows with a good view of the scenery, so I figured that would do. Whatever building I was in was moving along, like a train, and I could see the scenery change.
  • At some point it seems that the building with windows more-or-less collapsed down to a small ship that I was piloting, and I started flying around, and at some point I had an external view of myself, and upon realizing this I woke up — I'm not sure that's why I woke up, it's just when I woke up.

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