I'm interested in facial expressions. I've heard "smile and you'll feel happy!", and I think that's true, and I think if I'm happy, I'll smile — I think smiling is part of happiness. I don't think happiness is a raw sense, I think it's a pattern the brain recognizes, and smiling is part of the pattern.

I saw a rabbit on my walk today, and I stopped to look at it. It didn't run, but it seemed like it was eyeing me. I wonder if it imagined running, but also imagined waiting and running only if I stepped toward it, and it's rabbit brain figured the second option was best.

When I think of adding 5 and 26, I sort of see the 5 move over the six, and then the 5 and 6 change into an 11, which doesn't fit, so the first 1 moves over the 2, and the 1 and 2 change into a 3, and I see 31. That is, I see addition happen, and I recognize it as addition, but the doing of addition itself seems unconscious, like muscle memory.

When I read this sentence, I understand what it means. I think "understanding" is just a feeling. It's my brain's way of saying "got it", like it would say "got it" if I looked at a person and recognized who they were. And "got it" really means "I'm ready to answer queries about this thing", but I wouldn't know the answers to the queries until I brought a specific query to mind, and then my brain would automatically spit out images or words that answer the query, just like if it saw "5 + 6?", it would automatically spit out "11".

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