color golf app 2

I got up earlier this morning because I was worried about a couple issues with the android app. First, I don't see the animation of the color when it updates, it just appears to wait a bit. And second, more annoyingly, it when I select a shade of red, green or blue, it highlights that entire row in light blue.

I figured I'd fix these issues real quick, and then go back to bed, but the issues seem harder to fix than I thought. I thought the slowness waiting for the color to update was the animation going too fast for the android phone to actually display anything, but it's not — it just takes that long to redraw the entire dom, and the animation is probably done playing by the time it's ready to play it. This can be fixed, but not "real quick". Second, I'm not sure why the row is highlighted in blue. I thought it might be because I'm redrawing the entire row after you click, but it also highlights the button at the bottom in blue when it is clicked.. though, now that I think about it, I could probably at least reduce the highlighting to just the cell that is clicked.. but it would still take experimentation..

Also, more annoyingly perhaps, I discovered why I couldn't rate my app as "For Everyone", and that is because it asks for permissions for everything, even after I unchecked everything in AppGyver's thing.. ugg.. another problem that will probably not be "real quick" to debug.

I'm pretty soured to this phone app creation process. And if I want to update anything, I need to re-upload crap, and people need to re-download their apps..

..anyway, I'll worry about it later. Bed time.. again..

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