I had a lucid dream without realizing it.

I've been trying this technique where I actively observe my mind — like focussing on breathing, except the thing I focus on is the goings-on of my mental landscape, which is far more interesting — and I keep an intention to relax and dream.

Anyway, I got very relaxed, and at some point I remember closing my computer and thinking "wait, I didn't actually move at all.. I didn't actually have my computer open".. and later, I thought maybe I could move my limbs and "get up" into dream land, so I tried, but I felt like my limbs moved, but that I woke up, so I thought "shoot, I guess I'm not in dream land yet", and so I stopped moving and was relaxing again, and I tried to move a bit later, but this time I did move, and I was awake, and it occurred to me that I was in dream land on the previous attempt.

So this is very exciting.. I think I may know how to go directly from awake-land to dream-land while maintaining consciousness.. I just don't know how to know that I'm there, and "get up" in dream-land.

One trick I've read about is doing some "reality check" that doesn't involve moving. They suggested willing a freshly baked pie into existence, and if I could smell the pie, I must be dreaming. I'm not sure I've ever smelled something in a dream, so I'm wary of relying on smelling a pie. I've thought of willing myself to float, and if I do, I'll know I'm dreaming, but I'm not always super successful at having the things I "will" to happen happen as planned, so.. I'm not sure.. maybe I'll just develop a better sense of it as I fail more in the future.

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