meditation good or bad

I kind of thought meditation would lead to some constant tranquil state of mind in which everything becomes easy and fluid, but as far as I can tell, it doesn't — no state of mind I've entered is constant. It's more like becoming ok with not being in a constant tranquil state of mind.

In fact, my meditation teacher friend compared it to growing up, where things seem magical as a kid, and when we grow up, the magic fades, where meditation is like growing up even more, with the magic fading even more.. and we all know from the movies that growing up isn't necessarily good.

I also kind of thought meditation was about realizing some subtle truth, or finding some hard-to-find mental realm, but once found, it would be done. But as far as I can tell, it's more like learning to play the guitar — it just takes a lot of practice, even if you know exactly where and when to put the fingers, and what the song will sound like.

So, I think meditation is good.. but I'm not sure.. time will tell I suppose.

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