drawing in church

An old LDS friend invited me to a church thing. There was going to be a representative of the First Quorum of the Seventy speaking. He said this person was pretty engaging with the audience, should I want to ask a question. I was reluctant — I couldn't imagine asking any questions I might ask in front of over a hundred LDS people — but said I'd go if he asked if I could talk to him one-on-one afterwards. He agreed to ask, so I went.

I doodled a bit during the talk, shown above. I've been trying to draw faces better. There are lots of noses and eyes of people around me. The whited out parts are names, as opposed to some super secret LDS something-or-other.

And afterwards, he did meet with me. We talked for an hour. I told him I wasn't a member, but had been until high school, and that my main objection had to do with free will — it seemed like there wasn't any, and that human brains were sort of pre-programmed with desires and did the best they could to meet them given what they knew. He seemed to agree that there was a lot of that, but believed there was still some free will. In any case, he was a nice person, and it was a good conversation.

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