I was describing pima's encryption to someone, and they mentioned that I might consider using b-crypt or s-crypt to generate the AES password from the plaintext password provided by the user, since the plaintext password is likely to be relatively small.

I'm considering doing this, but there is a time consideration in JavaScript. That is, JavaScript is slow, so I wonder how long it will take to b-crypt or s-crypt a password, especially on the phone.

So I tested b-crypt with "12 rounds" for the hardness parameter, which is just a number I've seen thrown around the internet. This gives us:

MacBook Air: 1.798 seconds
Droid Razr Max HD: 10.379 seconds

I also tested s-crypt with "2^14" as the hardness parameter, which I've read is appropriate for interactive logins, whereas "2^20" is appropriate for file encryption, which is what I want, but "2^20" fails to run at all:

MacBook: 0.835 seconds
Droid: 2.379 seconds

Hm.. I think I'll go with s-crypt for now. It will at least be better than what I've got, and not too slow on the phone..

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