I just had a philosophical conversation with someone about good and bad and such. Roughly speaking, they believe in absolute good and bad, and I don't. The understanding at the end of the conversation was roughly: we both believe that there is a sort of direction that life in the universe is heading, and the main difference is that he calls that "good", and I don't, and we both believe we get benefit from calling it good or not — the benefit that he gets from calling it "good" is a sort of motivation to do stuff that pushes in that direction, and the benefit that I get from not calling it "good" is essentially an easing of responsibility and guilt for not always going in that direction, which kinda seems bad, but the useful part of it is that it allows me to look at myself more realistically and objectively, because if I believed in "good", then I'd be fearful of the parts of me that weren't, and may be afraid to even admit to myself that those parts are there.

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