I like to think that I don't regret things, but I do. In principle, I tend to think that regret doesn't make sense, since I don't believe in freewill, so I don't think I "could have" done things differently.

Nevertheless, I do feel regret — I have the feeling of wishing I had done things differently.

Here are some of my biggest regrets:

  • I went to Scotland for a bachelors party that I was accidentally emailed about, because my email was similar to the groom's email. I've been meaning to put that story on this blog. It is where the name "real gl" comes from. Anyway, the regret is: I didn't go to the wedding in Ireland.
  • I hired a Ukrainian singer to sing some songs I had written, and I felt she did an incredible job, and we started talking on skype. I had an opportunity to fly to Kiev and meet her, and I regret not doing so.
  • I regret not going with my friends today to see an active lava flow.

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