it's ALIVE!

PIMA works on the phone! I pushed back todo items while walking around, and in the Bathroom!!

And it has a life of it's own! It's hosted on github, though people need to press a scary "Proceed anyway" button:

..because github.io has https, so it will serve encrypted content, but the certificate is for github.com, not io. I've heard github wants it this way so people aren't fooled with phishing sites hosted on github.io. Anyway. Whatever.

And it needs to store data, but it's stored in Dropbox, so I don't need to host file storage for people, and they don't need to trust me with their precious personal data, and they don't even need to trust Dropbox, since the data is encrypted and decrypted client side.

And it even fetches starred emails from gmail using a Google Apps Script that I don't need to pay for or maintain :)

It's just ugly:

I love the red "https" with a slash through it.

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