still working on integrating pima-online with a google apps script to fetch starred gmails.. I had intended to redirect to a page to authenticate with google, but I just realized that going away from the original page may lose data, if it hasn't been saved.. I could make the button just warn the user if this is the case, but it seems a bit fragile.. I could open the authentication window as a separate window, but I currently want it to send a token when it redirects back to pima, which it wouldn't do if it didn't need to redirect back to pima.. hm..

ok, this is a bit silly, but I can have the new window redirect back to the original page, but with a token parameter, and when the page sees that parameter, it can set it in localStorage, and then tell the user to close the page..

hm.. jQuery is magical, somehow it knows when a jsonp request has returned, even if it failed..

sweet! phew.. got some subject lines from gmail successfully into pima from the google apps script :)

..time to eat

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