I summoned an uber car, but didn't notice that the pin was not quite where I was. I ran toward the pickup location, but I could see they were beating me, so I called the driver. A woman picked up and I told her where I was, and she said she'd come there.

A moment later, I see a guy wave to me from his car, right where uber says his car should be.

I get to the car and he tells me he is deaf, and hands me a bluetooth Mac keyboard. I type where I want to go and see it appear on his phone attached to the windshield, and he starts driving.

A bit later, I see on his phone "how are you doing?", and he hands me the keyboard. I type "great, by the way, were you on the phone with me earlier?" He nods. "how does that work?" And he launches an app on his phone and calls my number. My phone rings, and I can see on his screen a split view showing him, and a guy sitting in a room somewhere. He signs to the guy, and I hear him speak on my phone. I talk, and he signs to my driver.

Very cool.

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