note about hypnosis: I wonder if I have managed to hypnotise myself, but didn't recognize it.. I've been in a state where my body is going along with suggestions, but my mind knows what's going on, for instance, I tried once to suggest that I wanted to pick up a tennis ball, but couldn't see it, and I did walk around "looking" for the tennis ball, but I could see where it was, and I figured I was just pretending to look around (which I was, in a sense, because I could also stop if I wanted to, and I know that because I did stop at some point thinking I had failed to hypnotise myself because, although I could pretend to walk around trying to find it, I could see it).

But this has happened a number of times, and it is, in some sense, easier in this state for my body to pretend to do whatever is suggested.. and it would also be consistent with what I've seen in hypnosis shows, because all I'm seeing is what people's bodies are doing, not what they themselves are thinking about it, and talking to people, I feel like most people say they were just going along with it for fun, but that they weren't "out of it"..


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