working on taxes, just to get the W2 forms out of my inbox. I bought stock options and got a form 3921 which I don't know where to enter into TurboTax. They have an answer to this, but the interface seems to have changed since that answer was posted. I'm waiting to chat with someone, but all their agents are busy, which surprises me, since who on earth would be doing their taxes this early?

I want to improve the xkcd-style password thing I made here: first, I want a better list of words. I got the words from here, which claim to be "common" words, but the second word is "abyssinian", which I claim is not common.. also, I thought there were about 5000 words, but there are less than half that many. What I want is a list of at least 5000 really common words, like "red" and "hat". Also, I want an image for each word, so it can show a sequence of images as a helper for remembering the password.

hm.. there's no indication on the Turbo Tax "Chat with a Pro" thing that I'm in a queue. It just says "Welcome to Intuit! All agents are busy assisting other customers." Where's the "we'll be with you as soon as possible, current estimated wait time is x minutes?" .. ok, they answered me.. turns out I need to switch back to a previous version of the interface, and also upgrade to "premier".

man, after entering the form 3921, my expected tax refund went from something over $2000 to me owing them money.. I thought I had done the calculation beforehand, but it looks like I calculated wrong. alas.

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