pop culture

so, the guy I mentioned in the previous post and I both like pop music,
and another friend didn't,
and we had a discussion about pop music, or pop culture in general,

and a few interesting things came out:

I have an emotional connection with some pop songs,
and if someone else also has an emotional connection with the same song,
then emotional bonding can take place over the song — just like I imagine it would happen talking about sports, if two people happened to like the same sport,

And I could have an emotional connection with some indie song — which might be arguably, in some people's minds, "higher art" than pop — and I do have such connections with many indie songs, but I very rarely meet anyone who has heard any of them, much less emotionally connected with them,

so.. maybe this makes pop culture useful for meeting people quickly and building an emotional bond to serve as a foundation to talk about deeper stuff..

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