I've tried playing poker on seals with clubs, which is bitcoin based. Now I'm cashing out, sending the money to Coinbase, to a bitcoin address that I generated for that sole purpose. The whole bitcoin thing seems pretty cool — it's just easy to move money around. I'm excited for the digital currency future.. though I do wish I understood how to price bitcoins, since they have no intrinsic value at all.

Speaking of moving money, I was going to move my stock portfolio out of the online broker that I have, which got bought out by another online broker, and has the worst password entry thing I've seen: it requires me to enter my password with an onscreen keyboard. But, stocks apparently did poorly today, so I feel like I'm "selling low"..

Hm.. I've got some sort of thing on my lip. I'm afraid it might be a cold sore. I wish I had the online medical diagnosis thing to tell me.

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