lucid dream! again!

An external observer may have forgotten that I'm even still trying to have lucid dreams, since I mainly fail, and it just looks like I sleep more.

Notes from today's success:

  • I wasn't trying to have a lucid dream, I was trying a form of meditation where I just maintain non-judgmental awareness of what's happening in my mind. I'm pretty sure I eventually fell asleep, and then became lucid inside of a dream. I'm not sure what triggered the lucidity.
  • Maybe I should keep a dream journal. I feel like I recall dreams pretty well, but I think I could do a lot better. I don't recall as much from this one as I hoped I would.
  • A few interesting things that happened in the dream:
    • I was trying to put on a sort of hat for some reason, but it was very heavy, and I couldn't lift it, but I kept trying and it was frustrating, but eventually I just decided to stop trying, and I set the hat aside — this may have been when I became lucid.
    • At one point I was walking, but my visual of my foot was that it was still, which was strange — I suppose the visual was more accurate than the proprioception in this case, except that my eyes were closed.
    • At one point I was outside a door, and I willed a person to be inside the room that I was entering, but I was a bit concerned about who I would meet, and nobody was there, and I had the thought: "I'm too afraid still to will a person into existence here."
    • At one point I stepped into a place that was vividly and strangely colored with purples and greens, with strange smooth rock formations, and trees.

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