Following up on this post, here is a link to my sleep patterns.

It is currently a google spreadsheet. Here is my improvement plan:

  • Create visualizer hosted on github.
  • Have visualizer load data from google spreadsheet with something like this.
  • Create android app that let's me say when I'm sleeping or waking up, that posts to google spreadsheet.

I want to write HumanScripts to do these things. My HumanScripting has been dormant for a while as I've been trying to transition to a different way of hiring people.

I had hired a small pool of JavaScript programmers, and would post jobs to a mailing list, but I got stuck when I wanted to post scripts that required other knowledge (e.g. android development). Also, my JavaScript programmers seem to have stopped checking my mailing list, perhaps because I don't post jobs often enough.

So my new plan is to post each HumanScript as a new job on oDesk, but using the API to make it easier. I've successfully posted a job, retrieved the list of offers, hired someone, sent them a message saying "begin!", and paid them, but I'm currently stuck ending the contract. I can end the contract without feedback, but I don't know how to end the contract with feedback.

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