javascript tennis

Here are some examples of Photoshop tennis. A friend wanted to try learning JavaScript by playing JavaScript tennis. So we're playing here.

NOTE: Click the images below to see the code in action. Code is loaded directly from github using this html preview tool that a friend pointed me to.

Round 1 (me): I started. This was a bit of code I wrote for a friend — the same friend who pointed me to the html preview tool — to give to his nephew, who was interested in learning to program. The idea was to create a sort of "hello world" with graphics moving in a canvas, which could be used as a starting point for creating a simple game — which in a meta-sense, it was, here.

Round 2 (paul): Paul felt my circles were too chaotic, and restricted them to a grid, and restricted the sizes of the circles to stay in the grid.

Round 3 (me): I felt Paul wasn't paying enough attention to the user, and made the circles more likely to appear around the mouse. Unfortunately the screenshot doesn't include the mouse cursor, but I was hovering in the upper-right corner.

Round 4 (paul): Paul made the visualization more gaussian. The tip of the gaussian follows the mouse.

Round 5 (me): I fixed Paul's ceiling-hanging gaussian to be upright like normal (chuckle), and I added buttons to adjust the color.

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