Someone called me an autodidact: "as an autodidact you are probably unaware of the widespread nerd debate [about semicolons in javascript]". I don't use semi-colons in javascript. Apparently one douglas crockford does. In reference to a missing semi-colon that breaks jsmin he says: "That is insanely stupid code. I am not going to dumb down JSMin for this case."

Someone told me it was possible to play dominion online. This is true. I wonder if they have legal issues. I notice that the pictures for the cards are not the same as the pictures in the physical game.

I was going to say that I would love it if someone made Dixit online, but apparently there is an online version here, but it seems less popular. Why isn't everyone playing this?

At a party, I saw someone eating a whole avocado  cut in halves, with chia seeds and hot-sauce poured into the place where the avocado seed was. I tried it. It was delicious.

Someone just told me about pressing "T" in github while looking at a repo. It lets you search for a file.

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