do I cook?


But I can prepare some dishes.

All of these dishes can be eaten at the computer without dirtying anything.

  • pour "old-fashioned" oats into bowl
  • add water up to about the level of the oats
  • shake a bit without spilling
  • put in microwave for 1:30
  • add raisins (and milk and banana slices if available)
  • stir
  • eat

Peanut butter and preserves sandwich
  • put two slices of bread on a plate
  • use a fork to grab a glob of natural peanut butter (the kind with oil on top)
  • plop glob onto a slice of bread
  • use another fork to grab a glob of preserves
  • plop glob onto the other slice of bread (see image)

  • use both forks together to smear the peanut butter and preserves; one fork will be smearing, and the other fork will be holding the bread in place
  • lick off excess goop from both forks
  • use both forks to flip the preserves slice onto the peanut butter slice
  • use both forks to pry apart a square bite of sandwich, and spear it with one fork (see image)

  • put bite into mouth, and sip some water to add moisture
  • mix water and bite in mouth
  • warning: be careful if swallowing excess water; failure can cause coughing, which is bad given that there is still food in the mouth
  • chew and swallow
  • repeat to eat more bites

  • use a spoon to scoop some plain FAGE yogurt into a bowl
  • leave spoon in bowl, because yogurt will be stuck to it
  • pour in some honey — avoid pouring on spoon handle
  • pour in some blueberries or raspberries if available
  • eat
  • try to regulate ingredient proportions of each bite with strategic spooning

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