do'in it wrong

I submitted an issue to underscore. The response: "Please search for duplicates. Practically every second issue is a duplicate of this one. And it has been turned down every time."

My emotional response to this is: "Alas, I thought I was helping, but I messed up. Now people think I'm stupid and annoying."

I suppose my response should be: "Ok, thanks for the tip, next time I'll search through all previous issues to make sure my issue hasn't already been submitted."

But instead I feel humiliated, and want to somehow tell the guy: "Hey, I'm not stupid!" So I respond with a somewhat emotionally charged thing saying effectively: "If there are lots of duplicates, doesn't that mean it's worth doing something about?"

But then after writing this post, I delete my response, and close the issue, reluctant to post any more issues.

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