A friend was complaining to me recently that books and shows were starting to fail them in terms of providing entertainment. They would see the devices used by the authors to progress the plot, like dropping "clues" at regular intervals.

My dad has proven to me that it is possible to see through the techniques of show writers. My sisters and I would be watching a show, and after seeing a couple minutes of it, he would tell us all what would happen, and then leave. And he would be right.

Another friend of mine watches movies extremely rarely. Instead, they read the Wikipedia page for the movie. They say it's faster.

I was watching a movie recently, and I had a similar issue. I was bored with it — also it was a bit gruesome in parts — so I just read the plot in Wikipedia, and I didn't feel like I missed much.

I have also started to occasionally guess what will happen in shows, and be right.

I've tried non-fiction, mainly in the form of watching TED videos. But I think I've watched all the good TED videos, and many TED videos are not good.

It feels like there is a genuine lack of novel media.

I've heard several friends say that at some point their main source of entertainment became talking to friends.

I do enjoy talking to friends, but I need time alone too, and I wish there was more quality input. I hope there is a source that I am simply unaware of.

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