I like the idea of a risc processor — less instructions, simpler.

I remember looking at some new processor, I forget which one, but it was more expensive and slower. That is, it had a slower clock rate. Apparently it got more done on each clock cycle in a non-risc way, and seemed to be faster overall.

I don't think my brain is a risc processor. I feel like my brain has an incredibly slow clock cycle.

Of course, I suppose all brains are non-risc processors.

But I feel like mine is slower than most. People definitely notice that I talk more slowly. If I'm talking quickly, it's because I've already thought something through ahead of time.

My mind is also like a lumbering giant, lumbering in some direction, and it is very hard to redirect its lumber. I think this is why I am more efficient when I focus on one thing.

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