some stories from childhood


When I was young, I would jump on the trampoline. My uncle had built a huge rectangular one, which is the bounciest sort, but also somewhat dangerous. The danger was compounded by the fact that there was no cover on the metal rim. Anyway, my older sister bounced me one time (or I stole her bounce), and I went really high, lost control, and my head came down on the rim.

I could tell I was bleeding a lot, and I was really worried that I had poked out my eye. I felt around where my eye should be, and I couldn't find it -- it was there, I think I was feeling my forehead. Anyway, I screamed a lot, and my older sister took me home so my mom could drive me off to get stitches in my forehead.

I didn't jump on that trampoline for some time. Maybe a couple weeks.

And then I was back, and I was playing a game called 'cat and mouse'. It involved racing between corners of the trampoline. I dived for one corner, missed, and my head collided with that metal rim.

This time, I knew what had to be done. I didn't scream at all. I walked myself home to my mom so she could drive me off to get stitches in my forehead.

Holes In The Sky

I was a bit afraid of the fireworks at the 4th of July. I recall thinking they were beautiful, but also scary and loud. And I thought that they must damage the sky. In fact, I always wanted to go back to the place where the fireworks had been the previous night, so I could see the black holes in the sky left over from the fireworks. I got a chance to go back one time, and there were no holes. Alas.


My uncle would tell horror stories. I didn't believe them, but he was very good at telling them, and I would always listen. One of his stories involved a dragon that lived in a hole near his house. I had walked by that hole many times during the day, and I didn't think there was a dragon there, and I told him so. Of course, this was at night, and he walked me out there to that hole. And I chickened out just before we got to the hole. I told him I didn't want to see, and ran off.

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