self hypnosis 2

I tried self hypnosis again today. Previously, I was worried about being woken up "harshly" with my computer saying "good" -- which was a word I chose specifically because I thought it would not be harsh, and semantically it is not harsh, but the word itself is abrupt -- so I tried some other words and settled on "hoo", which the mac voice synthesizer can say pretty softly.

The timer was again set for 10 minutes. I started with relaxing my body again. This time, I really ran into problems with my face. I mentioned before that there appear to be two relaxed states: one with the eyes closed tightly, and one with the eyes closed loosely. The loose version seems like it is relaxing the muscles more, but has a tendency to let my eyes open -- maybe it would help if I dimmed the lights so that didn't matter. Also, I feel like if I relax my mouth too much I'll drool.. I'm not sure what the best thing to do with that is. How relaxed does my face need to be to be hypnotized? I feel like I've seen people become hypnotized in a chair, which seems like it must mean that enough of their muscles are engaged for them to remain sitting, without falling out of the chair. Of course, in the instance I'm thinking about, which was a stage hypnosis show, the people did clump over in their seats, and I'm not entirely sure that any muscles were in use.

Anyway, I stopped early because I figured I was thinking about it too much, and that it might be better to listen to a hypnosis script. I'll need to decide whether to download such a script, or have my computer speak one to me..

It's about 12 minutes long. It was pretty relaxing. I didn't know what he was going to say, so my mind was a bit "on alert" during the whole thing, watching out for things like "you'll want to buy such and such from me," but he didn't do that. The guy's voice was pretty good, with an English accent of some sort.

He said to let my body feel light as a feather.. my body didn't really feel light. But I did get pretty relaxed. I noticed the state of my face toward the end, which I hadn't been thinking about too much during it, and it was in a state close to drooling, so I worry that to really "go under" I may need to drool. Alas.

It's hard to know how hypnotized I was, if at all, during this session. I'm sortof hoping that I'll feel something like "oh, this is weird." I feel like I've read reports of people feeling weird; some combination of feeling like their body is big like a balloon, or super heavy, and their mind being far away from their body, detached. I didn't feel any of that this time.. I don't think.

Anyway, I feel like it might be good to have a metric of some sort in order to track my progress.

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