self hypnosis 3

I had another go at listening to the hypnosis relaxation thing here. I felt I was doing pretty well getting relaxed and letting my mind go, though one image came up that was a bit disturbing was that of leeches boring their way into soil, and I took the leeches to be the words of this person, and the soil to be my mind. Now, I didn't feel unrelaxed by this image -- though it kinda seems like it should have had that effect -- but I did worry a bit that maybe this was some sort of anti-body reaction my subconscious was having. I had another similarly themed image later on, with mud and bricks and lego-looking miner people all sliding and marching their way into my head.

Apart from that, I felt I was more relaxed than before. Though I did have an issue with my mouth. I really felt like I needed to swallow, and part of my mind said "don't do it, we can will ourselves not to swallow.. it will be a demonstration that we're really entering a hypnotic state", and the other part said "I'm getting less and less comfortable with this urgent need to swallow, I should probably swallow since it is detracting from the experience." I finally swallow, though involuntarily, as far as I could tell. Anyway, this seems like such a silly issue, yet I'm uncertain about the solution. I'm thinking I should probably just swallow in this case, until I reach a state where I'm really not consciously making decisions (assuming that ever happens), in which case I guess I won't need to decide what to do. I mean, when I sleep, I don't make these sorts of decisions..

There's still the issue of tracking my progress. It would be good to have something measurable, but I feel like I may still have a few fish to fry before crossing that bridge.

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