meditation 3

Continuing my thread of meditation posts, I meditated again today, again for 5 minutes.

My current method is to sit in some sort of lotus position, close my eyes, and concentrate on my breathing. Other thoughts did enter my mind on this occasion, but I did a better job not attending to them. I remember one image of a white sheet, with something breaking through the sheet, sortof like a scene in Edward Scissorhands where you are looking at something, and suddenly there are scissors penetrating through it toward the viewer. In this scene, the thing was some sort of fancy batmobile style car. I knew what it was, even though I couldn't "see" it yet. Anyway, I stopped attending to the image before it progressed very far.

I had some other thoughts, which I forget now. One thought I had was that as I progress, I may have less and less to write about here. We'll see.

Toward the end, I felt I had entered a pretty good state of not thinking about anything, except my breath. This time, I didn't have much of an issue with the slow breathing problem, with long pauses between breaths. I'm not sure if this was because my breathing never got that slow, or if my mind had managed to find something in my lungs to attend to while they weren't actually doing anything.

Another thought that crept in a bit was noticing other parts of my body, like my legs and back, which were being "exercised" a bit to maintain the lotus position. However, this didn't seem like a problem somehow. That is, it seemed like I was noticing these things, but not attending to them. And somehow, I've gotten the impression that meditation is about "being aware", though I haven't resolved how that meshes with the idea of "clearing the mind of thought", but I think they may be mutually compatible.

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